... for cosmetics, health care, pharmaceutics, packaging ...

... a competent and flexible team that you can rely on ...

... software for monitoring and control of marking systems ...

... for food and beverage products ...

... for extrusion, assembling and much more.


KBA-Metronic, your partner for all marking & coding solutions.

  • continuous ink jet (CIJ): alphaJET
  • laser marking: laserSYSTEM
  • thermal ink jet (TIJ): betaJET
  • hot stamp printer: hpdSYSTEM
  • thermal transfer: ttPRINT
  • feeding system: udaFORMAXX
  • ink, foils and consumables
  • after-sales

continuous ink jet (CIJ): alphaJET

  • cost effective and reliable
  • very economical
  • simple operation
  • up to 48 pixel i.e. 8-lines
  • pigmented and dye based inks

thermal ink jet (TIJ): betaJET

  • protection against counterfeit goods
    in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • for mailings, lottery tickets, flyer
  • barcode, data matrix code, QR Code etc.
  • for high-res. marking



Coding Technology is our passion

40 years of development, design, production and marketing at our location in Veitshoechheim, Germany


 Get to know us in a short youtube-video:

KBA Metronic Introduction

KBA Metronic Introduction

In direct printing CO2 and fibre lasers mark paper or cardboard surfaces directly.

KBA-Metronic is delighted to announce the launch of KBA-Metronic Polska Sp. z.o.o. The company will serve the needs of coding and marking customers in Poland through a professional sales and service team.

Pharmaceutical product packaging is there to make sure the products can be tracked, traced and protected from piracy. It must also provide consumers with various information, such as the expiration date. KBA-Metronic enables the subtle and economic marking of...

27.09. - 29.09.2016

Fachpack, Nürnberg

- Halle 3, Stand 3-141

- Halle 9, Stand P1

   Themenpark "Verpackung
   in der Medizintechnik und Pharmazie"



10.10. - 13.10.2015

Motek, Stuttgart

- Hall 7, Stand 7130