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KBA-Metronic, your partner for all marking & coding solutions.

  • continuous ink jet (CIJ): alphaJET
  • laser marking: laserSYSTEM
  • thermal ink jet (TIJ): betaJET
  • hot stamp printer: hpdSYSTEM
  • thermal transfer: ttPRINT
  • feeding system: udaFORMAXX
  • ink, foils and consumables
  • after-sales

continuous ink jet (CIJ): alphaJET

  • cost effective and reliable
  • very economical
  • simple operation
  • up to 48 pixel i.e. 8-lines
  • pigmented and dye based inks

thermal ink jet (TIJ): betaJET

  • protection against counterfeit goods
    in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • for mailings, lottery tickets, flyer
  • barcode, data matrix code, QR Code etc.
  • for high-res. marking



Coding Technology is our passion

40 years of development, design, production and marketing at our location in Veitshoechheim, Germany


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KBA Metronic Introduction

Economical and reliable

Food producers need to guarantee high quality standards throughout all stages of production. What’s more, every batch has to be uniquely traceable. This is achieved by printing batch and date codes onto the product itself or onto packaging. Small character continuous...

2013 was a very successful year for KBA-Metronic GmbH - 2013, KBA-Metronic GmbH için çok başarılı bir yıl oldu

KBA-Metronic and their continuous inkjet printers “alphaJET” are designed, developed and manufactured to meet the requirements for the cable (extrusion and assembly) and many other industries. Not only because of achieving the required high print speed of the cable...

Smudge-proof inline tyre coding

Precise coding on the uneven surfaces of tyres is no easy task. Marking at every position on the tyre has to be guaranteed and be able to withstand considerable mechanical strain. In order to meet the special demands of coding tyres, KBA-Metronic has developed the...