Beyond Digital

Be part of Koenig & Bauer 4.0

What if you can experience the future today? At first hand and tangible.

This was our objective.
Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0, Digitalisation and IoT.

But what does this mean in reality?

For us it´s not just buzzwords and catchphrases.
For us it means more – much more!
Be part of this incredible journey and meet Kyana.
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An Inkjet printer is an InkJet printer.
Isn’t it?
This questions has driven us from the beginning of this project.
Which possibilities may arise – with a new technology and creative new approaches.

This is how the idea of Kyana was born.

She is our answer to various requirements for product identification and a visionary view on the tremendous possibilities of the digital production age.
She is a learning system, which makes your life so much easier while keeping an eye on bare essentials.

We’ve always been pioneers – just take a look at our company history. Inspired by this pioneering spirit, Kyana was born.

Kyana. She is the artificial intelligence (AI) of our alphaJET coding system, and we are very proud to introduce her to the public for the first time during this year’s Fachpack-show.

And, in order to facilitate the next step towards digitalization, we have also equipped Kyana with an augmented reality.

This is what we call “beyond digital”. Be part of Koenig & Bauer 4.0. Be there to witness, live and interactive, the first artificial intelligence within an industrial coding system.

Kyana is looking forward to meeting you!

Something unique needs a distinctive name.

So, translating our guiding principles into action seemed to be the obvious. “Future needs origin”.
KYANA originates from the Greek word “kyanos”, meaning “blue”. For over 200 years, the color blue has been accompanying the Koenig & Bauer Group so that Kyana now forms the perfect bridge between future and origin.
Additionally, her name masks, among others, the German abbreviation KI (which stands for “Kuenstliche Intelligenz” – “artificial intelligence”, or AI in English) and the word “key” as in “key technology”.

A perfect name – designed to intrigue while promising a fascinating future.

AI changes the world. – I change the world. – Your questions change the world!

Anybody that asks questions, changes the world. And in case of Kyana, most decisively.

Ask Kyana your question!

Kyana learns adaptively and permanently; she gets to know her surroundings. Every question you ask her during Fachpack, enlarges her skills and communication.

Become an active and imprinting part of Kyana and her future.

Beyond Digital. Be part of Koenig & Bauer 4.0


60 seconds of future.



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Fachpack 2018

Fachpack 2018

Hall 4 – booth 119

25. – 27. september Nuremberg.

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