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Automotive & electronics

Automotive & electronics

Durability & safety

One way to quickly identify copies and forged products is the use of informative product designations with encoded manufacturing dates, batch numbers and other data. When inspecting incoming goods, parts with such detailed information are much easier to distinguish from counterfeit products.

Another advantage of product labeling is traceability. In the event of a manufacturing fault, defective parts can be identified and scrapped based on their identification. Standard labeling methods include 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as alphanumeric texts, graphics and logos. For example, with a data matrix code (DMC) it is possible to encode the production workshop, time stamp, batch number and other similar information in a compact code.

If a batch needs to be recalled, then the manufacturer can accurately identify the affected parts and exchange them.

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If the individual parts were not marked, service, quality assurance, traceability and anticounterfeiting protection for spare parts would not be possible. Depending on size and model, cars today have more than 10,000 parts and many hundred meters of cable.

Safe costs and secure your production reliability with the continuous ink jet alphaJET.


Making life difficult for product pirates

Marking solutions from KBA-Metronic for the electrical and electronics industry

Virtually no area of the electrical and electronics industry is unaffected by it: Product pirates unashamedly make reproductions of high-quality products and, in the worst cases, damage the reputation of the trademark owner with their inferior articles. Marking specialist KBA-Metronic offers marking solutions featuring coded imprints to make it easier to identify counterfeit products and guarantee the traceability of the original products.


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