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Hot-foil coding systems

Hot-foil coding systems from KBA-Metronic

affordable, fast, reliable

Whenever top printing quality is demanded, the hot foil process often delivers the best, the easiest and the most favorable solution of product marking.

The print adheres to almost all substrates including: papers, coards, plastics, foils, leathers, textiles etc. It is smudge- and scratch-roof and resistant to environmental influences.
Products can be processed further immediately after printing without any loss of time.   

  • reliable & adaptable

    The hot stamp printers hpdSYSTEM can be easily integrated into all labeling and packaging machines. Thanks to its robust design, the printers work reliably even under extreme conditions. Increase your productivity by reducing downtime due to highest dependability!

  • colourful & versatile

    With hot foil coding systems there are scores of hot foils in a variety of colours - including spot colours - and different qualities available. Reduce your setup time with exchange cassettes. The intelligently configured components increase the lifetime and printing performance.

  • compact & tailored

    With up to 1,000 prints/minute and a large portfolio of printer options, you remain extremely flexible in terms of print area, left or right orientation and size ratio. In addition to standardized frame brackets, we also design customized solutions for you. Take advantage of our years of expertise and experience with own development and production of coding "Made in Germany".

  • Modern & emission-free

    Hot stamp printers hpdSYSTEM are the perfect choice for its favorable price, the easy handling and the environmentally friendly operations. Hot foil ribbons are also safe and suitable for sensitive production areas. Your production and working environments are not impacted by emissions of any kind. Don't pollute the environment unnecessarily.

  • Individual & precise

    You obtain customized standard types, numbers, numerators, individual fonts, logos or characters according to your specifications. Fast and reliable from our in-house engraving division. Hot foil prints adhere to almost all materials, they are smudge-proof and scratch-resistant and can be processed further immediately after printing.

  • Robust & sophisticated

    The hot foil coding systems hpdSYSTEM are designed for constant use day in, day out and boast high functionality, easy operation, low maintenance and a long working life. Trust in the reliability of the hot foil systems from KBA-Metronic.

No compromises with our Hot-foil coding systems

hpdSYSTEM technology

The hot foil unit's compact design and the mounting systems developed by KBA-Metronic in more than 40 years, allow these units to be integrated into just about any automatic packaging system, labeling system and post-press machines.

All of the systems are designed for permanent operations and are characterized by significant functionalities, easy operation and a long working life.

The wide choice of systems guarantees the user a customized solution for his individual application and the machinery.

Key features of KBA-Metronic hot-foil coding systems are:
  • precise image on almost all materials
  • easy replacement of colour foil
  • infinetely adjustable: foil feeding, temperature and pressure time
  • warning system for foil end
  • easy to integrate
  • absolutely no emissions
  • easy to operate
  • minimal operating costs
  • robust design

Hot-foil systems

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hpdSYSTEM magno

  • Hot foil coding system
  • Very large print area
Simple. Runs. Ample.

hpdSYSTEM moto

  • Hot foil coding system with cassette
  • For tire labeling
Simple. Runs. Round.

hpdSYSTEM nano

  • Miniature hot foil printer
  • For use within packaging machines
Simple. Runs. Compact.

hpdSYSTEM vario

  • Hot foil coding system with cassette
  • For indivicual product coding
Simple. Runs. Always.

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