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Laser coding systems

Laser coding systems from KBA-Metronic

safe, flexible, durable

The list of applications and products could be almost infinite, because lasers have found a permanent place in many industries. Our lasers create informative and decorative texts and motifs for the highest demands - for either continuous or intermittent production.

The laser with protection class IP 65 is ideal for applications in the food and beverage indusry. High reliability and excellent beam quality ensure safety in production, even at high Speeds.

  • compact & easy

    Maximum power in minimum space - our laser systems are extremely compact, even in limited space, easy to integrate. We offer the highest flexibility and capabilities, whether it's a simple integration into existing networks, or an integration with ERP Systems.

  • Fast & powerful

    Our laser systems impress with highest dependability and excellent results. Even with complex graphics, large print areas or very high speeds. In addition extremely low maintenance and minimal running costs - the system pays for itself!

  • Versatile & colourful

    Different materials, such as labels, folding boxes, cardboard, film, PET, glass, wood or various plastics and metals can be marked with a laser. Even challenging applications such as perforations, cutting of foils or making a color change without laser additives can be achieved with our Systems.

  • intuitive & time-saving

    Our laser systems can be easily controlled, whether with a hand held input device, a touch-screen terminal or our proven PC software. After a short introduction, the intuitive full graphic interface can be operated easily and safely by hand. This saves time and increases your safety in everyday work!

  • precise & DURABLE

    Crisp, clear codes, precise logos, exact texts. State of the art software and hardware ensure permanent, high-quality marking. This gives you accurate identification of your products - throughout the entire life cycle.

  • customised & safe

    The customised realisation of your demands is our top priority. Take advantage of our long-standing knowhow in field application engineering, integration and safety to make your project successful.

No compromises with our laser coding systems

laserSYSTEM technology

The demand is crucial for the right laser. KBA-MEtronic has a variety of high-performance, freely programmable CO2, YAG and fibre lasers and the corresponding know-how available to identify your products permanently and flexibly.

The choice of suitable laser depends on the material response, for example:
• colour removal: cardboard, paper, film, coated and anodized metals
• colour change: plastic, ceramics
• engraving: metal, ceramic, plastic, wood
• tempering: metal
• foaming: plastics

The material and your individual demands determine the appropriate laser procedures.

Key features of KBA-Metronic laser coding Systems are:
  • excellent print quality for variable data, texts, Barcodes, 2D codes and complex graphics
  • durable, high-contrast coding
  • faster and more flexible than mechanical methods
  • user-friendly and low maintenance
  • full array of options come as standard

CO²-Laser systems

Explore our extensive product Portfolio.
We offer you the optimum solution your requirements.


  • Small character coding
  • For packed and industrial goods
Simple. Runs. Good.

laserSYSTEM K-Serie

  • Coding area up to 250 x 250 mm
  • For cardboard & plastics
Simple. Runs. Anywhere.

laserSYSTEM K-Serie CUT

  • Cutting, scoring, perforating foil
  • High resolution marking
Simple. Runs. Pinpoint.

Fibre-Laser systems

Explore our extensive product Portfolio.
We offer you the optimum solution your requirements.

laserSYSTEM F-Serie

  • Marking of metal und plastics
  • Maximum power in minimum space
Simple. Runs. Exact.

YAG-Laser systems

Explore our extensive product Portfolio.
We offer you the optimum solution your requirements.

laserSYSTEM D-Serie

  • Colour Change of plastics
  • Engraving of metals
Simple. Runs. Reliable.

laserSYSTEM DN-Serie

  • Coding area up to 160 x 160 mm
  • For metals & plastics
Simple. Runs. Reliable.

Product configurator

Select your type of marking and the material to be worked on.
Our product configurator will offer you suitable products for your requirements.

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